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Cultural and historical visits in Alsace – Gîtes hôteliers des Grands Crus d Alsace

Cultural and historical visits in Alsace


Go for cultural and historical visits from directly from the lodges.


Cultural visits, historical, …

Alsace is full of old stones, museums and castles. Let your children invent 1001 stories by strolling through the castles and ruins.

The best known: Hollandsburg, Haut-Koenigsbourg, .. and the others …

The museums are also numerous: the eco-museum of Alsace, the cars museum and the train museum, … The famous museum of Unterlinden and the museum of the toys in Colmar, or the one of the wallpaper in Rixheim.

and gastronomic …

We can not talk about the Alsatian culture without mentioning its gastronomy. Renowned for its wines, which we will not fail to make you discover, it is also known for its many dishes: the famous sauerkraut, Zewelkueche (onion tart), Baeckeoffe (potato and meat), the Flammekueche (a kind of pizza), the fleischschnacka (meat-rolled dough), fried carp, foie gras, but from October to late November the cochonailles.

For desserts, the best known is of course the Kougelhopf. But you can also test the white cheese with kirsch in the farms, or the bredalas during the festivities of end of the year.

You can also visit the Zink cellars, only a few kilometers from the gites.